Event Date : 23 Jun 2019

Event Location : Kaza, Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Eligibility : Open

Categories : 42 Kms, 21 Kms, 10 Kms, 5 Kms & 2.5 Kms

Registration Fees : 42 Kms - 1200,21 Kms - 1000, 10 Kms - 800, 5 Kms - 600, 2.5 Kms - 300,Cycling - 6000

For Offline Registration : Malay 9999 509 547

For Registration related queries : Malay 9999 509 547

Run Partners : Himachal Pradesh Tribal Development Department

About Run

Run To Breathe Spiti 2019 – India's Highest Half Marathon at 12,000 Feet

The cold desertland of Spiti Valley is one of most unique experiences in India having scenic landscapes and various heritage sites. Run To Breathe Spiti is going to be a once in a lifetime experience for all the adventure enthusiasts as well as leisure travellers. The Spiti Carnival preceeding the Half Marathon will include various types of local tribal art forms, shopping experiences as well as Spiti's Local Cuisine.

The Run Route is at an average height of 12,000 feet above Sea Level making it a challenging Half Marathon for the Runners and having the scenic Spiti Valley and Mountains on both sides of the Run Route.

The Half Marathon would take place in Kaza, which is near to the Highest Monastery in the World – Key Monastery. Spiti Valley also houses the ancient monastery located in Tabo and also the Tabo Caves. The Road to Spiti Valley is one of the most exciting travel experiences one can experience with Shooting Stones, Narrow Roads and a picturesque destination.

GETTING TO KAZA - Call +91 9999 509 547 (Malay)

You can reach Kaza via Shimla as well as Manali. Himachal Tourism buses are available from Manali and Shimla (Rekong Peo). One can travel from Delhi to Chandigarh and then choose either to travel from Manali or Chandigarh. The Manali Route is only open is summers and lacks proper paving. Manali route is also frequented by landslides, making the Rekong Peo - Shimla route the preferred one.